Future of dustless blasting

Dustless blasting mobile cleaning is very similar to mobile sandblasting but is greener and much less abrasive for the material being blasted. Dustless blasting is the process by which media such as sand move at high speed with a high-pressure hose using compressed air mixed with water to curb any dust being emitted in the process of basting.  Dustless blasting cleaning can similarly be expressed as steam cleaning, slurry blasting or wet blasting. Dustless blasting cleaning is similar to sandblasting form of cleaning but a third element which is water has introduced into the process. The future of dustless blasting will depend on forms of wet sandblasting that will be applied, but the dustless blasting method is based on the fact that the medium and water are mixed in the sandstone and then the compressed air flows into the tank.   The future of dustless blasting is seemingly bright since in the future the user will be able to adjust the amount of fluid flow and pressure used in the tank before being delivered through the hose and into the nozzle. This process is ideal when working with thin metal because water keeps the metal cold and prevents it from deforming, as opposed to the grinding process in which the metal is heated by friction in the metal-causing deformation during the process.  The future of dustless blasting cleaning is also excellent because the technology used does not produce any form of dust since water saturates explosives, causing it to fall when it is in contact with an exploded earth. The corrosion inhibitor is also injected into the mixture to prevent rust formation on metals that have been blasted.  Note the water used in dustless blasting contains impurities, but if there is sufficient safety, there is no need to completely surround the building or the area. So if you are thinking about the future of dustless blasting consider using a dust-free process since it is very environmentally friendly.